Norwegische Waldkatzen 
from Gold Creek Valley

Norwegische Waldkatzen 
from Gold Creek Valley






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I will not make a definitive decision about the kittens new home before they are at least five weeks old. I would like to watch their development to be able to choose the right home for each kitten.

 Of course, if you have fallen in love with one of the babies, inquiries are warmly welcomed prior to the fifth week.

 Our babies grow up in our apartment with family connection. They will spend the first weeks in our living room and later, when they are a little bigger they may conquer the whole apartment.

 Our kittens are completely vaccinated against Respiratory Viral Disease and Feline Infectious Enteritis and of course they have been dewormed as well. The ones which will move abroad will also get a Rabis vaccinatin, Microchip and the  EU-passport.

 Our babies will be at least 13 weeks old before they move into their new home. They receive a Veterinary Certificate of Health (which is not older than 10 days) and of course a registered pedigree (KVL e.V.).

 On demand, the kittens can also be vaccinated against Felina Leukemia.

 I only sell my kitten against a written contract and it would be very much appreciated if we could stay in contact.

Pictures of my "Ex-Babis" are very welcome, because it would be pretty interesting for me to watch their development.

 If any problems arise with the kitten, I will always be there and try to help in any way possible.


If you are interested in  a baby  


or give me a call: 06021/540975




Karin Ortiz
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