Norwegische Waldkatzen 
from Gold Creek Valley

Norwegische Waldkatzen 
from Gold Creek Valley




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Hello, my name ist Karin Ortiz (born 1966) and I live in a small town close to Aschaffenburg.

Since more than 30 years I share my live with cats. Some time ago I started thinking about getting a Norwegian Forest Cat. When I discovered Pippa by chance on Anja's website, I knew immediately, she is the one.

I only had some worries about my elderly cat, who probably could not keep up with the temper and playfullness of a kitten. So the decision was quickly made to also get Pippa's sweet sister Pauline.

I was totally amazed from those two cute kittens. The way they talk to you, their social behavior, their whole charm. Words are just not enough to describe the joy they bring in your life.

Thus the wish arose to breed this fascinating race.

My breeding aim is a Norwegian Forest Cat which is friendly and has a sound character and also the typical expression of the original Norwegian. The cats also need to be large in size, strongly build and above all healthy.

My kittens will be raised in the living room and when they are a little bit bigger, they can conquer the whole apartment.  This should be a good basis for well socialised kittens who will have a deep trust in people.

The Health Care is also very important.  All my cats are vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enterities, Respiratory Viral Disease and Felina Leukemia.

My breeding cats will be tested for HCM negativ (normal), in due time.

I only breed with GSD IV normal cats.



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